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Our store opened in March 2009. We serve locally cultivated puffer fish and local fish. In addition, the shop also offers fish caught by the master himself, such as sea bream, flatfish, yellowtail, and horse mackerel. It is a great encouragement for us that the locals come to visit us frequently. Many of our customers come all the way from afar, and we are very grateful to everyone.

For meals, we have set meals that you can easily order, one-of-a-kind dishes that are a little pricey, blowfish, and crab cooking courses.

The owner worked at a tourist hotel in Tsuruga until retirement age, and then opened our shop. While working at a hotel, he rarely had direct contact with customers, so it seems that serving customers at the counter is fun. Especially the story of fishing is a delight, so we look forward to welcoming you.


We offer 5 counter seats, 4 table seats, private tatami room, 1 room for up to 4 people, 1 room for up to 8 people, not a private room, but 1 room for up to 18 people, 2nd floor It can accommodate up to 30 people.


The 2nd floor is limited to 1 group. The 2nd floor is for a minimum of 10 people. There is a hot pot course in the litigation, kaiseki, and winter.


We look forward to you welcoming you!

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